Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Generators

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Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Generators

  • What incoming power do I need to install a high frequency generator?

Depending on the generator, you can install a High Frequency Generator using single phase or 3-phase incoming power. Your electrician will consider the incoming voltage and the amperage required for the generator that you choose to know if your chosen location can support the generator installation.

There are battery-powered generator available in the absence of adequate incoming voltage and amperage. Your GE Walker Sales Consultant can help you choose which generator is best for the x-ray needs of your facility.

  • Is it expensive to upgrade my existing incoming power?

This answer is installation specific. To have a clear and accurate picture of what your cost will be, you should choose the particular generator that fits the needs of your x-ray facility and ask your electrician to provide a price quote. This will minimize any unknown expenses associated with the electrical requirements for your installation and help you determine if the project is reasonable for your budget.

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  • If I plan to move my office in a few years, does it make sense to purchase an x-ray system prior to the move?

An x-ray system is an investment that will last you for many years. Many physicians find themselves choosing to relocate their practices during the ownership period. If you plan a move, GE Walker can install an x-ray system in your current location and move the x-ray system to your new location without jeopardizing your equipment parts warranty. Ask your GE Walker Sales Consultant about the details.

  • How does my exam mix affect the generator that is right for my practice?

Generators are available is various sizes measured in kW output. As the kW increases, the flexibility of
x-ray techniques also increases and so does the cost of the overall system. To choose the best generator for your project, tell your GE Walker Sales Consultant about the types of exams that your facility will be expected to perform on your patients and the expected volume of x-ray patients per day. This is also the time to tell us whether you see upcoming changes in your facility like the addition of a physician(s) or addition of referring physicians and expansion of services. Your GE Walker Sales Consultant will consider your incoming power, your expected exam mix and your budget to help you choose what is right for your individual situation.

  • Do I need to upgrade my generator based on my recent DR purchase?

If you choose your generator based on the needs of your patients, you only need to consider a generator upgrade if your patient requirements change or if you expect to integrate your new DR Solution with your generator. There are many DR Solutions available. Ask your GE Walker Sales Consultant which one is right for your practice.

  • How much will it cost to upgrade my generator?

An x-ray system is built by individual components designed and approved to be used together. There are some upgrades that require additional changes to your x-ray tube, your collimator and/or your high voltage cables. Ask your GE Walker Sales Consultant if other components of your system will need to be upgraded to be used with your desired generator upgrade.


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