RSNA Recap

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RSNA Recap

GEW seeks New Heights in Medical Imaging at the 2015 RSNA

Some of the exciting new offerings to the market include;
Fuji Film Virtual Grid
Virtual Grid processing corrects for the effects of scatter radiation that would otherwise reduce image contrast and clarity for images acquired without an anti-scatter grid.

With the ability to customize its emulated grid characteristics, Virtual Grid provides exam flexibility and eliminates image quality problems that result from improper grid alignment or focus.

Fuji Film D-Evo GL
The all new FDR D-EVO GL DR detector for single exposure long-length digital imaging
Featuring a 17” x 49” field of view, the FDR D-EVO GL saves time, enhances efficiency, image quality and dose for upright long-length radiography exams.

New Mavig Portable Shield
The compact, anatomically formed shield of the model WD261 allows for a close body fit
so that the doctor can move freely throughout the procedure. Due to springs the user can adjust the height of the shield to his own height or working position requested,
at any time i.e. also during the procedure.
The shield was designed to offer sufficient legroom in order to eliminate any risk of injury. The unimpeded use of the control pedal of the x-ray unit accounts for another advantage.

Photo Gallery

From Left to Right: Denis Simon (VP of Service), Joe La Motta (VP of Sales), Amber Trombley (VP/GM)

Susan Welter (Summit Industries) and Joe La Motta (VP of Sales)

Chicago Skyline

Beautiful Chicago from the Navy Pier
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