Mozart® System with TomoSpec® : 3D tomosynthesis for breast specimen imaging

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Mozart® System with TomoSpec® : 3D tomosynthesis for breast specimen imaging

Mozart® System with TomoSpec® : 3D tomosynthesis for breast specimen imaging

The Mozart® System with TomoSpec® Technology: 3D tomosynthesis for breast specimen imaging.
The Mozart System with TomoSpec Technology from Kubtec, is the only specimen imaging system to offer 2D, 3D and optical intraoperative imaging of breast cancer specimens. The Mozart System has all the advantages of 3D tomosynthesis and displays specimen images the 1mm slice format familiar to radiologists and surgeons using Digital Breast Tomosynthesis in the mammography suite. Visualize and locate the whole tumor, improve margin accuracy and drive down re-excision rates with the Mozart System with TomoSpec Technology. Only from Kubtec

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