Medicare to Reduce Payment for CR Imaging Studies in 2018

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Medicare to Reduce Payment for CR Imaging Studies in 2018

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  • What did Congress change with respect to radiography?

In an attempt to incentivize facilities that provide x-ray services to purchase digital radiography equipment, H.R. 2029 outlined a gradual series of reimbursement reductions to both analog/film radiography and computed radiography

  • When will the reimbursement changes take place?

Reimbursement for x-rays taken with plain film would be reduced by 20 percent in 2017 and all subsequent years. Reimbursement for computed radiography would be reduced by 7 percent between 2018 and 2022, followed by a 10 percent reduction in 2023 and all subsequent years.

  • How does this affect me?

Using DR will result in higher reimbursement rates than film X-Ray and CR starting in 2017

  • How is Computed Radiography (CR) defined?

CR is cassette-based digital imaging modality that uses an imaging plate

  • Will an upgrade of a current system meet requirements?

Yes. The idea is to promote the use of DR. The law does not mandate the replacement of the X-Ray Generator, only the imaging capture device

  • What Should I do now?

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