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Vision C is a universal DR system with fully flexible detector and stand configuration to meet all diagnostic radiography needs. Available in a fully motorised auto-positioning Auto configuration with manual override or a more conventional manual configuration Vision C can be tailored to your specific needs. Automated system positioning, exam set-up, acquisition and archiving as well as protocol driven image processing on the Vision C provides unparalleled imaging efficiency, experience of control and diagnostic accuracy and lets you realise all the advantages of a truly digital radiography.

The heart of Vision C is a highly mobile overhead tube standcapable of practically all radiographic techniques that can be combined with a range of patient table options, detector stands and combinations of fixed and portable detectors. From modest room sizes to spacious high throughput trauma imaging rooms requiring extra long travel Vision C can be configured to fit any diagnostic process or room requirement. Whichever configuration you choose, all system components are seamlessly combined into a fully integrated system controlled from a fully portable wireless console supporting advanced functionality such as auto-positioning and long anatomy imaging (stitching).

  • exceptional tube travel, SID and no cables to get in your way
  • smooth, programmable system positioning for all imaging techniques
  • motorised stand motion with manual override
  • fully mobile, wireless system console to set generator, worklist, stand …
  • range of patient tables available with horizontal and vertical tube tracking
  • elevating wall bucky with motorised tilt and tube tracking
  • intuitive, portable touchscreen user console on the tube crane
  • HF generator up to 80kW controlled from stand and imaging consoles
  • range of tube options up to 800kHU for exceptional throughput
  • symmetric 5 field AEC and integrated dose management
  • flexible, high-sensitivitydetector configuration: fixed, portable, wireless
  • powerful Avanse DR [link]imaging system
  • remote support with automated system diagnostics

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