Summit / AmRad DFMT System

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Generator 30-80kw

Non – Elevating Radiographic Table – Deluxe four-way float-top table with foot control, +/- 5 in. transverse travel, 32 in. longitudinal travel,84 in. x 30 in. table top, table height 31.5, Par speed bucky with electric lock, 18.5 in. travel,Grid: 10:1 ratio, 103 LPI,Heavy-duty Deluxe cassette tray,400 lb rated patient load

 Digital Floor Mounted Tubestand – Digital continuous SID readout to table, discrete 40in and 72in. SID read out to wall,10ft. floor mounted platform,Rotational base 180 degrees with 90 degree detents,Transverse tubearm with 9.75 in travel, Digital angulation indicator, operator handgrip, and electric locks,Trunnion tubemount 6” in diameter or Trunnion tubemount 6.75” in diameter

Wallstand – Heavy-Duty, center or flag- mounted wallstand, Par speed bucky, 17 in. x 17 in., Grid 10:1 ratio, 103 LPI, Heavy-duty Deluxe cassette tray, Electric Lock,PA grips

Standard X-Ray Tube (Specified by kW rating)

Manual Collimator

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Summit NHD


DFMT System


Summit NHD DFMT System

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