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The InnoVet Specialist is the premier radiographic system.Powered by a High Frequency (HF) generator, the system produces images with improved resolution and contrast.  Our standard parts warranty applies to the complete system, including cables and collimator.

The InnoVet Specialist system recognizes the variety of needs that large busy practices or a specialty practice might have.  By utilizing Summit’s vast line of human medical systems, any possible needs can be satisfied including:

  • Tables with large 30″ x 76″ floating tops.
  • Tables that can support a 650 lb. animal.
  • Tables that can be raised and lowered by an electric motor.
  • Tubestands that have several axis of motion for that difficult orthopedic procedure.
  • Tubestands that ceiling mount to free more floor space.
  • Generators that deliver 100% more penetrating power.


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InnoVet Specialist


Summit InnoVet Specialist

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