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Offering all the cornerstone designs like the tilt-out front panel for easy technique selection and a space saving (only 28” x 53” ) table / tubestand, the InnoVet Classic is an outstanding value. With thousands of systems in service (taking millions of films per year) the Classic is your best cost / value solution.

Generator – Standard Frequency – 30-40kW

Table / Tubestand – Enclosed, integrated radiographic table,Table top: 53” x 24”,Welded base construction,Grid cabinet with manual cassette tray,Grid: 8:1 ratio, 103 LPI,Grid cabinet / tubestand interlock,Angulation dial and operator handgrip

Standard X-Ray Tube (Specified by kW rating)

Cables  – 10 ft. high voltage cables with federal terminations

Collimator  – Manual collimator with light field, Field light “on” time – selectable 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds,Long life “soft-start” bulb circuits,Easy-to-operate with gloves on,Exceeds federal standard for radiation leakage protection

Exposure Switch  – Foot switch with 20 ft. cord

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