Quantum Chiro-X

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Quantum’s Chiro-X 14 x 17 System is ideal for all chiropractic environments. The Chiro-X Vertical Wall Frame is custom designed with a full-length frame which allows complete spinal imaging without the need for patient re-positioning,as the image receptor is easily repositioned behind the patient, using Quantum’s EZ- Glide hand control. The QS-500 Series Tubestand is easily positioned using dual soft-grip handles. Fingertip controls permit easy access to multi-function lock release switches; including longitudinal, vertical and angulation. The handgrip also includes an easy-to-read angulation display for accurate indication of tube rotation and LED indicators to verify the SID.
Radiographic Generator 32-80kW

Q-CHIRO-SOFT Chiropractic Software – Chiropractic APR,”APR” Anatomical Programmed Radiography (100 APR Views / 5000 Techniques) for standard and custom views


CHIRO-X Vertical Wall Frame

Standard X-Ray Tube (Specified by kW rating)

Heavy Duty Cassette Tray

Manual Collimator

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Quantum Chiro-X


Quantum Chiro-X

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