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PaxeraUltima is a browser-based, all-encompassing multi-modality medical viewer that delivers a consolidated work list, zero-footprint and vendor-neutral access to studies throughout the enterprise with a full spectrum of diagnostics and reporting tools – all from a single login.

Ultima  Lite

UltimaLite is a powerful and cost effective PACS solution that has been designed for smaller clinics and facilities. Access Patient images from any browser or operating system with the zero footprint (ZFP) diagnostic viewer that requires no plug-in; and navigate amongst studies easily with the consolidated worklist.

The solution optimizes ease of use with fast study retrieval and viewing performance, resulting in a streamlined workflow.


Cloud PACS

PaxeraUltima comes with an enhanced Paxera-3D and incorporates the latest radiological tools including critical results notification module that improves effectiveness of communication among caregivers, an advanced Peer-Review module that incorporates into the daily clinical workflow, a built-in ED-Rad discrepancy panel and a secure image sharing to social media that conforms with IHE standards. PaxeraUltima also features a patient history timeline that presents a graphical representation of the patients clinical history and allows the radiologist to interactively select any study without returning to their work list.


VNA Solutions

PaxeraUltima3600 VNA solution has a unified repository for data access across the enterprise, a universal viewer that can access any file type and multi-ology images, and a one stop login in. Its scalable and can be deployed while keeping the existing departmental PACS infrastructure.



PaxeraView is the flagship member of the Paxera family of products. PaxeraView is a powerful viewing station that is able to work within any PACS environment (or can co-exist as a standalone solution) to handle all the modalities inside the healthcare facility. PaxeraView workstations are equipped with many features and tools that enhance studies’ handling and management, and help operators work out diagnoses in an easy, efficient and intuitive way.

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