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MAVIG Life Cycle Testing ensures 100-percent quality of all products delivered. The products are furthermore UL and CE certified. MAVIG is also DIN EN ISO 13485 certified by the TÜV Product Service.

Mavig’s patented Cardanic joint, friction free operation, automatic weight balancing, internal cabling, and the rapid adjustment to different monitor sizes are only some of the many features provided.

The system is designed for heavy load conditions, supporting a weight capacity of up to 83 kg / 183 lbs.

The Cardanic joint allows rapid movement of the system in case of emergency, eliminates the effects of friction, and enhances system life.

GD 60 – Stationary mounted, OEM tracks,MAVIG® special track,Std. weight load (monitors and cables) up to 83 kg / 183 lbs,(higher weight loads up to 130 kg / 286.6 upon request), Supports 1-8 monitors, Internal cabling, Cardanic joint for smooth and collision safe performance.


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Mavig GD60

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