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Kubtec’s Xpert 80 systems include a stainless steel interior chamber with the capacity to introduce anesthesia and cables for monitoring devices through multiple portals. Fans integrated into the system dissipate heat and ventilate the chamber. A mobile cart and wireless connectivity option provides users with the choice to operate in different locations or wherever adequate facilities are available. Optional sources are also available for micro-focus and soft x-ray applications.

With Kubtec’s expansive suite of user-friendly image analysis software tools and high contrast digital detectors, the very minutest details can be enhanced for further examination. Images can be measured precisely, areas of interest located, annotated and saved in multiple formats, making the Xpert 80 the ideal tool for collaboration in scientific investigations. A high resolution optical camera provides optical images of specimen for added convenience.

Xpert 80 – Shielded cabinet X-ray system (includes cart),50 kV, 1.0 mA, x-ray source,Multi-color touch screen x-ray control interface,Stainless steel lined forced air cooled enclosure,Multiple portals for access for devices to be installed within the x-ray enclosure,Lead glass window


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Xpert 80


Kubtec Xpert 80

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