Konica SRX -201A

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The Konica Minolta SRX-201A will allow you to choose the optimum cycle speed to match your processing needs whether it is orthochromatic, mammography, or any other conventional imaging film.

SRX 201A – Offers three process speeds: 60 second Super Rapid cycle, a 90 second conventional cycle and 170 second extended cycle,Microprocessor controlled circuitry precisely regulates temperature replenishment and self-diagnostics,A 17″ feed tray can process up to 160 14 x 17 films per hour in 60 second mode,Incorporates a new Active Circulation System that pumps solution bilaterally through the racks to ensure smooth circulation and maintains active chemistry,Self-cleaning Developer to Fixer crossover rack reduces routine maintenance,Uses a jog cycle standby mode and night standby for energy savings,Operates on 220VAC, 60 Hz; Requires dedicated 20 Amp service

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SRX -201A


Konica SRX -201A

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