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Designed to meet the specific requirements of small clinics, imaging centers and orthopedic offices.  Nano P+ w/CS-7NP CR system combines innovative intelligence and unparalleled ease of use with a reliable, proven single-bay reader platform. Cassettes and Plates are included.

Nano P+  – REGIUS Model 110 Single Bay Computed Radiography Reader,60 Plates Per Hour (14×17”),12 bit Grayscale Output,Auto Sensing Network Interface,Cassette-Release Handle & Optics Sweeper

CS-7NP Control Station Hardware – Intel Core i3-4130  4G  3MHD  4400CPU,500GB  7200RPM  3.5HDD,Windows 7 Professional  32 Bit,Intel PRO/1000 GT Network Connection,Keyboard & Mouse,17” LCD with 178 Degree Viewing Angle,1280 x 1024 Display Resolution

Software  – CS-7

Two 10×12” Cassettes & Plates

Two 14×17” Cassettes & Plates

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Nano P


Konica Nano P

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