GE Signa LX HighSpeed Plus

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Signa LX HiSpeed 9.1 System Software, Scan tools 2000 which includes Spin Echo, Inversion Recovery, Gradient Echo, Fast Spin Echo, Fast Gradient Echo Imaging, Acquisitions, and Advanced Vascular Imaging Package. User Selective options includes Auto Shim, Auto-Prescan Feature, 2D Acquisition Geometries, 3D Acquisition Geometries, Variable Bandwidth Capabilities, Off Center Field of View (FOV), Phase Offset, Asymmetric FOV, User Selectable Signal Averaging, User Selective Acquisition Matrix, Peripheral Gaiting, Flow Motion Compensation, Respiratory Compensation, Automatic No Frequency Wrap Technique, Single Shot Fast Spin Echo, FLAIR, Fast Flair, MTSE, Echo Planner Imaging (EPI), IR-EPI, Flair EPI SmartPrep, Echo Plus(Diffusion), Connect Pro. Coils: Quad Head, Quad Knee, Shoulder Array, Neurovascular , TMJ Array Package

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