GE AMX 4 Portable (Re-Manufactured)

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Each and every AMX-4 Plus portable goes through a stringent process of re-manufacturing. After completion, every unit is given a complete electronic calibration in the factory prior to shipping. The AMX-4 Plus is the most reliable
portable on the market. For over twenty years, hospitals have relied on the dependability of the GE AMX-4 portables for their imaging needs


  • Reinforced Base
  • New style spring loaded casters
  • New style cassette draw
  • Pad added to the bottom of the cassette drawer
  • Hall effects tube latch assembly
  • New style relay assembly for tube latch
  • Upgraded drive wheels
  • Upgraded drive motors
  • Protective wrap added to the top shroud
  • Proprietary battery charge labeling
  • Green charge indicator light added
  • Remote battery charge voltage test terminal block added
  • A copy of the calibration data (battery back-up RAM chips) is archived for a period of 2 years

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