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The size and rumble of the mobile X-Ray unit can seem intimidating to patients of all ages. Imagine arriving in the patient’s room with a unit that has colorful, vibrant, fun designs and helps turn what can be a stressful exam in to a positive experience.

Dream Think Imagine creates full machine wraps or DI-Cuts that take your mobile unit from ordinary to extraordinary in a cost effective manner while delivering an experience the patient will remember.

We believe the environment impacts our mind, body, and spirit and specialize in creating environments that promote a positive health care experience. Patients and visitors entering a medical facility are often afraid and worried because they do not know what to expect in what is typically an unfamiliar setting associated with pain and illness. The DTI team are experts at changing this perception by incorporating features into hospital design that reduce stress, promote healing and allow patients to be in control of their environment. Our goal is to create innovative spaces that alleviate fear and stress. Healing spaces consist of a variety of components including artwork, virtual environments, color, texture, music, scents, and lighting.

So can the built environment really affect healing? The early Greeks who thousands of years ago built healing temples intuitively knew the answer. Today, there are studies and research that link the physical environment to better patient outcomes.

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