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Apollo EZ features a broad series of radiographic studies are granted by a superior flexibility and a comprehensive choice of fluoroscopic applications is obtainable with effortless procedures.

Apollo EZ 90/30 Tilting R/F Table, Flat Table Top –Source to image distance: up to 71” (180cm) for chest exams on table,Full 440 lb. patient load, no movement limitations,Two tilting user speeds: 4.5 or 6.5 degrees per second,Automatic stop in horizontal position,Minimum table height from floor: 32.6”,Maximum table height from floor 32.6”,plastic Flat table top standard (x-ray absorption <0.9 mm Al eq),Longitudinal movement of tabletop-63”or +/- 31.5 inches maximum patient comfort and safety; full patient coverage is guaranteed by the movement of the tube-column and table top assembly,Transversal tabletop movement- 13.8” or +/- 6.9” with soft start and stop,Tabletop length: 93”,Tabletop width: 30”,includes: two handgrips, patient footrest

Spot Film Device –Cassette Size 5” x 7” to 14” x 17”,Divisions – 1,2,3,4 in line – 4,6 in cross,Rapid sequence – Yes,Minimum fluoro to exposure switching time is 0.8 sec,Average speed in rapid sequence is 2 exposures per second,Cassette loading – Frontal, automatic without external tray,One hand cassette loading and unloading,VCR type cassette loading and unloading with fully automatic cassette alignment and centering,AEC measuring chamber, predisposed,Grid parking – grid can be automatically parked out of the x-ray field for pediatric and gridless exams. Grid parking is activated by a pushbutton on the control,Internal collimation – near film internal shutters for scatter radiation reduction

Tube Column- Motorized longitudinal movement, 46.4”,Progressive variable speed: Movement starts slow for accurate adjustments and is progressively increased for quick travel over long distances,Maximum speed can be changed at installation from 1” (30mm) to 8” (200mm) / sec.,Patient exploration is 110.6” (2810mm) due to the combined movement of the tube/detector and table top, without patient repositioning,Tube Column angulation is motorized +/- 40 degrees,Speed 11.2 degrees/sec (can be changed at installation),Automatic centering of target organ during oblique projections in fluoroscopy,Possibility to perform oblique exposures at both edges of tabletop,Automatic centering,SID, motorized, 43” (1100mm) – 71” (1800mm) with continuous adjustment. Speed 1” /sec,Tube rotation – Manual, +90 degrees/- 180 degrees,Focal spots to floor distance (with table vertical position) 17.3” – 69.9” without column tilting

Compressor –Remote control operation,User selected compression force from 6 – 33 lb.,Automatic parking when not in use,Emergency release

Collimator – Square and rectangular,Number of beam shutters – 1 pair of shutters, including near focus shutters,Adjustment – Automatic with SID compensation, microprocessor controlled,Manual override,“Hold” function – Position of the diaphragms set during can be frozen when switching to exposure,Field coverage – 17” x 17” @ 40” SID,Light source – LED lamp, 24V D.C., 100w with automatic timer

Tomography – Tomo Technique – fully electronic Fulcrum-less,Tomography can be performed in every table position,Speeds – 4 for each angle,Angles – 7, 20, 30, 45 degrees,Layer height – electronic adjustment up to 14” (35cm) from tabletop,Automatic sequences of tomo images with automatic layer position increase and bi-directional movement, without stopping the movement between exposures

Grid – High Performance –Low absorption oscillating grid,Ratio: 12:1,91 lines/inch,Focal distance: 40-72”

High Voltage Cables –Pair of 52’ (16mm) High voltage cables for Apollo R/F system

RF-A Anatomically Programmed High Frequency R/F Generator – 65kW Power Output,100 kHz + High Frequency,Radiography high voltage 40-150 KVP,Radiography 0.5-800 mAs,Radiography current: 10 – 800 mA,Exposure times 0.001 – 6.3 sec,Fluoroscopy 40-125kV, max 10mA,Five Bucky Capability,One, two, or three point technique selections Anatomically Programmed Radiology with 1024 anatomical programs with dedicated pediatric settings,Low speed rotor starter,Closed loop control of mA and kVp,Connection of two tubes,Line Voltage Range +/- 10%,Self-diagnostic circuitry with error code recording for fast trouble shooting,Connection of up to four Universal Ion Chambers -9001

X-ray Tube –HIGH SPEED rotating anode x-ray tube,400 kHU heat storage capacity,Dual focus spot: 0.6/1.2mm,Rated power 40/100 kW,Target angle: 12º

Multi-functional In-room Workstation

AEC – Carbon Fiber, three field AEC measuring chamber for Apollo

Image Intensifier 12 Inch Tri-Mode – 12” three fields high resolution,12/9/6”,Parallax correction

In-room monitor – 17” LCD 1K x 1K

Multi-function in-room Trolley     

Printer for Integrated DAP G100   

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