Carestream Dryview Chroma Imaging System

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This laser can print up to 200 films per hour with super-sharp 650 ppi resolution ,utilize on-demand printing with three film drawers/five film sizes and add an optional five-bin sorter for easy retrieval of films by modality.

One of the most trusted names in medical printing now offers a highly versatile printer that empowers physicians and other healthcare professionals in entirely new ways.

The Carestream DRYVIEW Chroma Imaging System delivers diagnostic images on film and referral prints on paper in high-quality grayscale or brilliant full color. Minimize operating costs by combining film or paper printing into one system – and provide quality output anywhere it’s needed. 

  • Multiple applications — PACS, CR, DR, CT, MR, PET/CT, Dental, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy 


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Dryview Chroma


Carestream Dryview Chroma

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