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The FRS has a traditional floor mounted tubestand which means no learning curve for the technologist. The FRS is available with any power generator and comes with a 500 lb. patient capacity mobile table. Compatible with most CR and DR solutions the FRS is available with optional AEC. The AmRad™ Medical FRS Systemis a perfect solution to optimize technologist productivity and improve patient workflow in medium to high volume ambulatory imaging environments.

Generator (30-80 / DR Ready)

Floor Mount Tubestand – Floor Mount, non-rotating Tubestand (82.25” tall),95.5” x 17 “ (includes travel track) floor rail assembly,106” (8 ‘ 10” ) total length,Fixed length tube arm with manual x-ray tube rotation for centering to wallstand,Angulation dial, operator handgrips, and electric positioning locks,6” Trunnion Tube Mount with cooling fan for x-ray tube

Wallstand – Heavy-duty wallstand with motorized vertical travel, rotating center- mount enclosure for CR or DR applications,Manual rotating enclosure with angulation gauge in 5 degree increments, Footswitch and column button actuation for motorized vertical travel,Grid Cabinet, 18 in. x 18 in only, 8:1, 178 line, 40-72 in (52” in) focus grid,Heavy-Duty cassette tray,120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA power required,UL Classified

Mobile Radiographic Table – 30” x 80” flat, seamless, table top,27.5” table height,Hospital-grade swivel casters with four locks,500 lb. rated patient load,Electrical power not required

Standard X-Ray Tube (Specified by kW rating)

Manual Collimator

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