Agfa DX-D 300

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The fully-motorized DX-D 300 can handle a broad range of x-ray studies, including lateral exams. This adaptability makes it ideal for use with all patients, even those less mobile, whether in sitting, standing or lying positions.

NX MUSICA 3rd Generation

 Generator: Varies from 30 – 80 kw

U-arm positioner with control unit,On-tube touch-screen

Automatic collimator with integrated DAP meter AEC

Automatic Exposure Control

2 focused grids

Remote control

Hardware: NX workstation,Touch-screen x-ray control console,Uninterruptable power supply for NX


Control box

COLLIMATOR – Automatic Collimator with centering laser beam,Integrated Dose Area,Product meter,,High luminosity of collimation field

X-RAY TUBE TOSHIBA MODEL – E7252X (300KHU),Maximum Voltage: 150 kVp,Focus sizes,Small focus: 0.6 mm,Large focus: 1.2 mm,Maximum power,Small focus: 27 kW,Large focus: 75 kW,Maximum Current,Small focus: 400 mA,Large focus: 1000 mA,Anode degree target angle: 12°, Anode heat capacity: 300,000 H.U.,Anode rotation: 3,000/9,700 r.p.m.,Anode diameter: 74 mm,Filtration equivalent: 0.9 mm Al/ 75kV

Software: NX Premium DX-D 300 SW

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DX-D 300


Agfa DX-D 300

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