Acuson Sequoia 512 LCD Ultrasound Machine

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ACUSON Sequoia 512 LCD ultrasound model is characterized from its family series by its unparalleled imaging capacity using Native Patient Specific Imaging technology that easily and seamlessly determine, calculate, and adapt in real-time to a patient’s individual acoustic properties.

The Sequoia 512 with LCD ultrasound machine uniquely minimizes automatic image optimization time by up to 80% to make way for an easier and speedier ultrasound test time as well as allow for a more confident diagnosis each time. As a patient-specific imaging ultrasound, it has a unique matched response capacity for accurate image quality, sharp clinical specificity, and optimized diagnostic outcomes that makes infinitesimal pathologies and other anatomical detail in the most difficult-to-image patients becomes more vivid and visible.

Using the same four innovative platform features of Sequoia 512 model, this LCD featured ultrasound guarantees high-efficiency imaging performance, greater diagnostic dependability, and improved clinical convenience. And what makes Sequoia 512 LCD the most preferred cardiac and shared service ultrasound machine among clinics and medical facilities nationwide is its track record in high-end performance for a mid-range market price.

Calc Data to MO, Color Doppler, MO Drive 3 1/2″, OB/Gyn Calculations, Power

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