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Introducing MED-TAB™

The world’s first DICOM-calibrated medical tablet.
Your only superior, portable medical image solution.
Created by radiologists for imaging specialists.

Enjoy Image Analysis Anywhere

Finally, the first portable DICOM calibrated medical image display is here — MED-TAB™. View, analyze, and send images anytime, anywhere. Think beyond workstation-only viewing. Think superior quality and unprecedented portability. Think endless possibilities.

It’s not a medical laptop. It’s not a radiology app. IMAGE Information Systems, a global leader in image technology, presents MED-TAB™ –  the world’s first DICOM compliant display for portable medical image analysis.

MED-TAB™ is uniquely created for continuous high-quality, incredibly precise image access from any location. It’s the evolution of teleradiology solutions.

MED-TAB isn’t just a tablet

It’s the first true medical tablet to offer premium quality perks, including patented grayscale calibration, a custom measuring pen and DICOM compatibility. In fact, it’s the only medical tablet with DICOM calibration. Finally, it’s time to solve problems with radiology workflow and image quality with MED-TAB. Your completely “outside the box” teleradiology solution is here.

MED-TAB Features Include:

The only patented 11 bit portable DICOM grayscale calibration (GSDF compliant)

An exclusive measurement pen

Can be ten times more accurate and three times faster than using fingers on the touchscreen

A unique USB grayscale adjustment tool

Improve image analysis with the anti-glare screen



Eliminate guesswork with ambient light sensor

Indicates whether or not the surrounding light is suitable for image analysis

Enjoy a screen that is more than 65 percent larger*

than the iPad Air 2 and the Galaxy Tab 4.
*according to area and not diagonal distance

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