Pediatric Orthopedic of Brandon and Riverview

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Dr Bradley was opening a new office, a pediatric orthopedic practice. He needed a system to meet some specific needs:

Full leg/spine imaging in a SINGLE exposure: in pediatrics motion is always a concern; he wanted to achieve long-length images in a single exposure to eliminate motion artifacts; Fuji was able to provide a good solution for this.

Their LL cassettes are easy to use/process.  Simply insert the cassette into the reader, when the first image is done, simply flip it around and insert the other end;   The two images are stitched with Fuji software.

A pediatric orthopedic surgery practice means that much of the imaging will be done seated or standing. He selected an open type system without a fixed table to facilitate ease of acquiring those images.  It leaves lots of room to move and work with patients;  the table can be deployed quickly when needed.