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Our specialty is providing diagnostic imaging solutions that will help you deliver the highest level of patient care.

GE Walker, Inc. has had the privilege of serving the local communities throughout the southeast for almost four (4) decades.  We have a wealth of experience in helping customers determine and then meeting the needs for their particular practice.  We do this by providing solutions and 24/7 engineering services that will help improve radiologist productivity, reduce exam times and improve patient comfort and satisfaction.

Our goal is to be the best medical imaging partner any healthcare provider could have. Since we offer a full array of equipment, services, and supplies, you have abundant options for designing imaging systems. We represent the product lines of many blue chip medical imaging companies who have proven their leadership through quality, innovation, and competition. The more options we bring our customers, the better.

You will get expert advice on medical imaging system integration from the seasoned consulting teams of G.E. Walker, Inc. Their commitment is to practical solutions that work in the real world.

Dr. Fabian knew he needed a powerful enterprise-wide PACS solution to support the range of modalities in his new facility. After careful evaluation, Dr. Fabian chose G.E. Walker, Inc., and the Thinking Systems ThinkingPACS.

Thomas M. Fabian, M.D,
Advanced Imaging of Port Charlotte

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