Agfa DX-D 100
The DX-D 100 offers a very short exposure time, so images are available for validation immediately. The combination of greater productivity and image quality translates into lower cost per exam and higher diagnostic efficiency.
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Make: Agfa
Model: DX-D 100
Brand: Agfa DX-D 100
Catalog Number: DX-D 100
Carestream DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit
Carestream’s mobile retrofit kits use a single wireless detector to convert your existing mobile x ray equipment—regardless of supplier—to a DR system fast and cost effectively. Maximize your current investment and upgrade to digital radiography productivity with three easy-to-install, easy-to-use retrofit kits.
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Make: Carestream
Model: DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit
Brand: Carestream DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit
Catalog Number: DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit
GE AMX 4 Portable w/Digital Upgrade (Refurb)
The GE AMX-4 features a high frequency, microprocessor controlled generator and are upgraded to a vertical column.
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Make: GE
Model: AMX 4 Portable w/Digital Upgrade (Refurb)
Brand: GE AMX 4 Portable w/Digital Upgrade (Refurb)
Catalog Number: AMX 4 Portable w/Digital Upgrade (Refurb)
iCRco Vmotion Upgrade
Receive more value from your investment. Introducing VMotion – a fast, cost-effective, digital upgrade for your GE AMX 4 or 4+.
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Make: iCRco
Model: Vmotion Upgrade
Brand: iCRco Vmotion Upgrade
Catalog Number: Vmotion Upgrade
Konica AeroDR Portable
The lightweight and cable free operation of the AeroDR wireless digital flat panel detector system allows for easy patient and image detector positioning while reducing patient discomfort and stress during portable procedures.
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Make: Konica
Model: AeroDR Portable
Brand: Konica AeroDR Portable
Catalog Number: AeroDR Portable
Kubtec Xpress 250 Portable
DIGIVIEW 250™ portable CMOS detector produces high resolution (5.2 lp/mm), high contrast (96 um pixel sizes, 14 bits deep) images in seconds and the technologically advanced, efficient CMOS construction acquires them at the very lowest radiation levels.
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Make: Kubtec
Model: Xpress 250 Portable
Brand: Kubtec Xpress 250 Portable
Catalog Number: Xpress 250 Portable