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"We are very proud to have been selected as a teaching center by both G.E. Walker, Inc. and Esaote. The clinic also recently added a ventilator to assist respiration, the new G.E. Walker, Inc. digital radiology equipment, complete diagnostic ultrasound capabilities including echocardiogram, and a fiber optic endoscope. "
Dr. Anne Chauvet
Vet Neuro
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GE Walker, Inc. has had the privilege of serving the local communities throughout the southeast for almost four (4) decades.  Our very first customers included large hospital facilities.  As a result, we gained a wealth of experience throughout the years in helping similar customers determine and then meeting the needs for their radiology departments.  We do this by providing solutions and 24/7 engineering services that will help streamline workflow, increase staff productivity, and improve quality of patient care all while addressing your cost containment objectives