End of Budget Year Spending Tips

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End of Budget Year Spending Tips

The present change in the air coupled with decorations being dug out of storage signals a certain time of year. No, not the holiday season itself, but a timely reminder to facility administrators and purchasing managers they have left over money in their budget, and have to spend it or lose it. A few things to remember when deciding what to use those left over dollars on before it’s too late. Key tips to help you get everything on your wish list in time;
• Get your orders into G.E. Walker, Inc. as soon as possible
o Between vacations and days closed, the lead times increase with many of our manufacturing partners.
If you wait too late, you might not get your orders before the end of the year
• Communication and flexibility upon ordering products is important
o Logistics are often an issue to receive orders by year end, so make sure to communicate any special needs
Access your budget early to help discern where you dollars will be best spent and ensure you have     funds available to meet your needs.
o Because of issues mentioned in the above posts, the earlier you seek to address your 2015 goals and needs the better.

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